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Sponsorship Highlight

Sponsorship Highlight

You can still get in on the ground floor.  

Bill Betts, Sponsorship Committee Chair

It is hard to believe GenNext is entering its second year of operation.  Our first year sponsors are to thank.  We have 19 in total and they can be found by visiting our website at http://gennext.wpengine.comsponsors/.

The GenNext mantra is to Educate, Mentor, and Recruit the next generation of Heavy Duty Aftermarket Leaders and we are poised to do more of it in 2015 because of the generous support of our sponsors.  Continue reading

Supplier Highlight

Supplier Highlight

Getting to know Betts HD.

Bill Betts, Vice President of BettsHD

Briefly describe the history of BettsHD? (This can be a barebones summary; as we know the BettsHD history is quite long.)

Betts Spring Company, as our business was originally known, was founded in 1868 by William Michael Betts, my great great great grandfather. William was decorated by the Queen of England for his mastery in spring making. Excited by new opportunities in America, he sailed to the United States in 1860, eventually settling in San Francisco. He opened his own shop, making springs for carriages, wagons and streetcars. We rebranded our evolving business as Betts Company in 2013.  Continue reading

Distributor Highlight

Distributor Highlight

The 4-1-1 on Weldon Parts.

Dave Settles, President of Weldon Parts, Inc

Briefly describe the history of Weldon?

Weldon Parts, Inc. was founded in 1955 by brothers Dean and Leon Settles in North Bend, Neb. Weldon has an interesting history and didn’t start out in parts and distribution. Weldon began by manufacturing metal skids, then morphed into erecting grain bins, the business then moved to repairing trucks, and finally into parts and distribution. Parts and distribution has been our primary business since the 1960s. Continue reading