Monthly Archives: August 2016

Mentorship Update

Mentorship Update

Nick Seidel, GenNext HD Mentorship Chair

The GenNext mentorship committee continues its work on a new mentorship feature to enhance our program. Once released, we believe the program enhancements will be a great asset for all GenNext members, and the independent aftermarket at large. We want to help you learn more about this industry, and we believe the mentorship program can do that.

In the meantime we hope all active GenNexters are making use of their current mentor/mentee relationships.

Recruitment Update

Recruitment Update

Nikki Paschall, GenNext HD Recruitment Chair

GenNext recruitment continues to be strong in the aftermarket. We received a boost in May after our Distributor Training Expo with CVSN, and are optimistic that we can grow that event, and our overall membership totals, in future months.

GenNext will have representatives at the CVSN Aftermarket Distribution Summit in September and VIPAR Heavy Duty meeting in October, so be sure to catch one of our leaders if you have interest in adding colleagues to GenNext, or personally expanding your role in our organization.

GenNext is open to everyone in the aftermarket. So we encourage anyone who is interested to sign up and try it for a year.

Education Update

Education Update

Jay Urban, GenNext HD Education Chair

The newest education feature of GenNext is in development, and should be released to all members and the aftermarket at large in the near future. The new feature will allow members the opportunity to receive valuable business training that they can bring back and implement in their facilities to see immediate benefits.

GenNext will distribute a press release once event details are finalized that will run in Truck Parts & Service. We also will update this website with details of the event for interested parties. So stay tuned, as news is on the way!

Industry Update

Industry Update

A note from our president

Ian Johnston, Harman Heavy Vehicle Specialists

Hello everyone. I want to take a moment to give a quick recap and Q3 update on GenNext, the board and the activities GenNext has in the works in the coming months.

Let’s start with the Distributor Training Expo, held in conjunction with the Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network (CVSN) from April 29 to May 1 in Atlanta. This event was an incredible success. We received kind regards from distributor and supplier attendees alike, and are thrilled with the overall perception of the event. Also regards to the Distributor Training Expo I want to say a thank you to Steve Hansen, Nick Seidel, Carlos Solis and Angelo Volpe for the tremendous amount of work they have put in to help pull off the event. The Distributor Training Expo was huge undertaking and it would not have come together without these folks taking the lead on this project. Great work team!

Looking at the rest of 2016, GenNext held receptions at the HDA Truck Pride and HDAC annual meetings earlier in the year and will have another reception at the VIPAR Heavy Duty annual meeting in October.

We also are in the infancy planning stage of trying to add in a GenNext mentoring ‘reception,’ for lack of a better term. Still in the development phase, this idea would be to have a form of speed meetings for mentors and mentees, with mentees moving from mentor to mentor asking questions, to create a more structured feedback between both groups. To this point much of the mentorship program has been self-administered by the paired mentors and mentees. We’re still discussing this as a possibility.

In addition, several of our first committee chairs have passed the baton to new leaders, each of which is actively working to enhance their committees and strengthen the overall GenNext program. Just this week, new Education Committee Chair Jay Urban of Meritor announced we have confirmed an upcoming merchandising webinar with Butch Hill.

And that’s just the beginning. More good news is on the way.

In closing, I want to say thank you to every one of you for your time, effort and dedication to GenNext. It is amazing to see such a great group of business professionals getting together, putting in their own time and effort to build something better for their industry and ultimately for the future of our businesses.

I am very excited to be involved with GenNext and think we have very big year ahead of us, so again thank you to all of you for your considerable efforts up to this point and moving forward.