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Distributor Highlight

Distributor Highlight

Getting to know Truck Supply Company of South Carolina


Edward Neeley, president and Tommy Hill, general manager


Please briefly describe the history of Truck Supply Co. of SC?

Truck Supply Company of South Carolina, Inc. (Truck Supply) is a customer-orientated business offering quality products and services since 1960. The company has had three ownership changes with the most recent in 2003. Truck Supply operates two stores with warehouses and one shop operation. Truck Supply also has two associate store and shop operations.

Please briefly describe your company’s distribution structure: What do you sell, who are your vendors, who are your customers, etc.?

Truck Supply is a 65 percent B2B and 35 percent B2C business. Our theory on sales is if a customer asks for it, get it for them. That has widened our SKUs outside of the traditional truck parts warehouse distributor. Our inventory consists of 65 percent traditional truck parts, 20 percent industrial supply and 15 percent tool. Truck Supply has a vendor list of more than 250, of which 10 percent of those represent 80 percent of our purchases. Our customer base consists of independent shops, fleet shops, owner-operators, other WDs and truck dealers in the area. We also service federal, state and local municipalities with parts and service.

What separates Truck Supply from competitors in its marketplace?

We strive hard to have what a customer needs to keep them from having to make more than one stop or call. We understand time is money.

How do you believe customers perceive your business?

As a company that wants to provide resources to help them grow their business.

How and why have your customers stayed loyal to your business?

Our customers keep coming back because they know we understand and care about their business. It’s not always about the price of a part or service but the ability to get them what they want when they want it.

What is one thing most customers/suppliers don’t know about Truck Supply that would surprise/impress them? (i.e., tell us something about Truck Supply we don’t know)

Most all of our customers know but a lot of suppliers are surprised we make ourselves available 24/7/365 to anyone needing parts or service.

What are the pros and cons of working for a family-owned business?

Pros: We are the decision makers. We make people feel like they have ownership in what we do. They are not just another account.

Cons: You are married to it. You are going to live it 24 hours a day. It’s what we do.

What makes Truck Supply a great place to work?

Truck Supply is a family-oriented business and everyone is treated as such. No one works for anyone, we all work together. We support each other in their success as well as coaching them up in the learning experiences of life.

How vital is it to have quality employees entering your business from younger generations, and how are you trying to recruit these younger professionals?

It’s not only vital to our business but the industry as a whole to have younger people getting involved. We are active in recruiting young people starting in the junior high schools. We have helped the CATE (Career and Technical Education) centers to provide resources to have career days to get kids interested in our industry.

Do you feel Truck Supply is in the position to change with the times? If so how?

Truck Supply feels that we are a leader of change and understand the importance of it. We are constantly looking at different ways to be more efficient through our technology. We feel it is vital to attend as many industry functions as possible to keep up to date in product knowledge for our customers’ needs.

Do you have any advice for the next generation, as they work in this industry?

Stay focused on the changing times. Always try to be on the leading edge with forward thinking but never forget the basics, give the customer what he wants.

What are your goals for the long-term future of Truck Supply?

To continue to grow and service our customers’ needs by being a premiere parts and service solution.

Why did Truck Supply join GenNext? How can GenNext help Truck Supply’s employees?

We joined to help pass what knowledge we have gained, and learn from the GenNext folks in return. We feel there is a two-way street. We think GenNext should be the leader of providing recruitment and training in technology of the next generation of employees in the industry. Also, we believe GenNext can assist Truck Supply employees in the transition to new technology and training as it comes available.




Supplier Update

Supplier Update

Getting to know STEMCO


Kara Bolster, vice president, commercial excellence


Please briefly describe the history of STEMCO?

Founded in 1951, STEMCO is a leader in the technology, design and manufacture of commercial vehicle wheel-end, braking and suspension components, as well as innovative tire and mileage solutions. STEMCO, which stands for Specialized Truck Equipment Manufacturing Company, is the No. 1 manufacturer of wheel-end seals for heavy-duty trucks and trailers.

Please briefly describe your company’s sales structure: What do you sell, who are your customers, etc.?

STEMCO is proud to have one of the largest sales forces in the commercial vehicle manufacturing industry. Our unique, onsite and hands-on training for commercial fleets and repair shops is second-to-none and gives our customers the knowledge they need to reduce operating costs and improve roadway safety. Our technician certification training for brake, suspension and wheel-end products gives STEMCO the ability to work in tandem with end users to ensure optimal performance for any fleet.

What separates STEMCO from competitors in its marketplace?

STEMCO’s success throughout the U.S. and in international markets is based on safety, excellence and respect. These core values, combined with overall industry experience and the ability to adjust and adapt during changes, is the foundation for helping STEMCO consistently be recognized as a world-class manufacturer of innovative and exciting commercial vehicle solutions.

How do you believe customers perceive your business?

STEMCO is consistently recognized by our customers as a world-class manufacturer of innovative and exciting commercial vehicle solutions. This reputation is built by having the values of safety, excellence and respect driving everything we do.

How and why do your customers stay loyal to your business?

Customer loyalty is driven by having a passion to improve overall safety on the roadways and ensuring trust, training, support, and focused innovation are always our top priorities.

What makes STEMCO a great place to work?

STEMCO prides itself on achieving business excellence through the utilization of our superior talent. Our way of working is focused on being open, direct, authentic, realistic, and collaborative toward mutual success. Additionally, at STEMCO, we believe in fully supporting our employees through career training and educational opportunities to thrive and support the company’s continued growth and success.

How vital is it to have quality employees entering your business from younger generations, and how are you trying to recruit these younger professionals?

STEMCO’s success is built on the belief in our colleagues and empowering the next generation of workers to become heavy-duty trucking leaders.

Does STEMCO feel it is in the position to change with the times? If so how?

STEMCO is committed to developing innovative and differentiated ways to better serve the commercial vehicle market. This is done by investing where necessary to support our long-term growth. For example, STEMCO recently completed construction on the world’s most advanced lab built to design and test advances in materials, designs and technology for commercial vehicle air springs. STEMCO has also built a 43,000-square-foot state-of-the-art “Friction Factory,” designed to manufacture brake shoes and friction components for medium and heavy duty truck and bus applications. Both facilities have been built in response to STEMCO’s ongoing growth and long-term efforts to serve our customers with high performing products.

What is the long-term future for STEMCO in the heavy-duty aftermarket?

Long-term, STEMCO will continue to focus on its three core values: safety, excellence and respect. It’s this commitment and a focus on continuous improvement that will drive STEMCO’s constant pursuit of excellence.

Why did STEMCO join GenNext?

GenNext’s commitment to educate, mentor and recruit the next generation of heavy-duty trucking leaders is making the industry better as a whole. STEMCO fully support’s these goals and is committed to helping the next generation learn the skills and attributes necessary for success.



Industry Update

Industry Update

GenNext to host third annual industry ‘No Limit Hold’Em’ poker showdown at HDAW

Las Vegas has been the site of many interesting industry events and receptions, but none quite like the annual GenNext poker tournament. Entering its third year sponsored by GenNext, and 10th year overall, this event (which takes place at the Mirage the same week as Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week) pits top manufacturers and distributors against each other in a friendly but cut-throat Texas Hold’Em style cards tournament.

New to this year’s event is a team champion along with the normal individual champion. Each team sponsor is allotted five spots in the competition and the team who earns the most prize money at the end of the night wins the team competition. This year’s team sponsors include: Bendix, Datalliance, Donaldson, Dorman, Federal-Mogul Motorparts, Firestone, Grote, Kit Masters, MEI, Phillips Industries, SKF and Truck-Lite

“Last year’s event came down to three industry icons—Bill Mirth (Federal-Mogul), David Willis (CRW Parts) and Greg Klein (Inland Truck Parts)—with Klein pulling out a miraculous victory,” said GenNext Vice Chairman Nick Seidel (Action Truck Parts). “This year’s event adds the intrigue of a team champion, but more importantly, this event draws a great number of HDAW attendees who support the ongoing work of GenNext.”

This year’s event will take place at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018, in the Mirage Poker Room. Anyone who is attending HDAW and on site may enter the event individually for $130. To register, go to the events tab above.

Mentorship Update

Mentorship Update

GenNext busy bringing groups together

GenNext successfully hosted another Speed Mentoring event at the 2017 VIPAR Heavy Duty Annual Business Conference in October in Orlando. With growing participation in each event, we had 20 mentors and 30 mentees attend this round of mentoring.

Additionally, GenNext and the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA) will be bringing 20 Northwood University students to Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) 2018 in January.

For the first time, we opened the opportunity up to students outside the Automotive Aftermarket degree program. Our group consists of Automotive Aftermarket, Automotive Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Advertising and Business Management majors. Each student will be sponsored by a commercial vehicle supplier or distributor sponsor and spend the week assisting HDMA, HDAD and their sponsor with tasks throughout the event.

At the core of the internship is networking. Ten of our interns are returning students, five of which are returning for their third time. Thirteen of the 20 participants are seniors ready to enter the job market in May. With the internship program boasting a track record of 85+ percent job placement, we’re eager to help align opportunities for our interns during the week of HDAW. Special thanks to our sponsors who make this entire program possible.