Distributor Highlight

Getting to know Point Spring & Driveshaft

By Adam Diecks, Marketing Director

Please briefly describe the history of Point Spring & Driveshaft?

Point Spring was founded in 1926 with our original location being in downtown Pittsburgh in an area that is now known as Point State Park. Since then we have grown through acquisitions and by opening new facilities. The company also has continued to diversify its product and service offering, starting as a spring shop and growing into a complete heavy-duty truck parts and service provider.

Please briefly describe your company’s distribution structure: What do you sell, who are your vendors, who are your customers, etc.?

We consider ourselves to be a “complete truck parts and service provider.” We are distributors for most of the top OE and aftermarket manufacturers, providing parts and service for everything on a truck except for engine and body. We have a diverse customer base ranging from national fleets to owner operators covering many different vocations.

What separates Point Spring & Driveshaft from competitors in its marketplace?

What differentiates us from many of our competitors are the services that we offer.

How do you believe customers perceive your business?

We believe that our customers view us a more of a partner than just a supplier. We do our best to try to help provide service and solutions for our customers as opposed to just delivering parts.

How and why have your customers stayed loyal to your business?

Our customers remain loyal to us because of the steps we take to ensure that their expectations are met or exceeded when they deal with us. Also, we have many employees who have been with us for a long period of time and have established strong relationships with our customer base.

What are the pros and cons are for working for a family-owned business?

One of the best things about working for a family-owned business is the connection and access that all employees have to the owners of the company. The owners of Point Spring and Driveshaft Co., make a conscious effort to know and have a relationship with all of the employees in the company and their families.

What makes Point Spring & Driveshaft a great place to work?

The fact that any of our employees have been with us for a long time creates a family-like dynamic in the workplace where our employees work together, look out for each other and are always willing to help one another.

How vital is it to have quality employees entering your business from younger generations, and how are you trying to recruit these younger professionals?

Having quality employees is possibly the most important factor influencing the future of our company. Our competitors have access to many of the same products that we distribute at competitive prices, the best way to differentiate ourselves is to have knowledgeable employees who are focused on providing exceptional customer service. We try to build and maintain relationships with local tech schools and universities as a way to recruit employees.

Do you feel Point Spring & Driveshaft is in the position to change with the times? If so how?

Point Spring & Driveshaft Co. has always focused on being ahead of the curve when it comes to technology as it relates to new parts on commercial vehicles or to systems and programs that help us to be a better partner to our customers and suppliers. I believe that this mindset has and will continue to allow us to change as the industry demands us to.

Do you have any advice for the next generation, as they work in this industry?

My advice would be to take advantage of all training and networking opportunities. There is a lot to learn in this industry and luckily the heavy-duty aftermarket is full of people that are willing to share their knowledge and experience with their peers.

What are your goals for the long-term future of Point Spring & Driveshaft?

Our goal is to continue to grow our company and to continue to be a premier supplier of truck parts and service to our current and future customer base.

Why did Point Spring & Driveshaft join GenNext? How can GenNext help Point Spring & Driveshaft’s employees?

We joined GenNext because like many other organizations in this industry, we have an aging work force and need to find ways to bring young people into our organization. We believe that GenNext can help us to find qualified employees and can help us to provide training for new employees so that we are able to continue to provide our customers with the service and support that they need long into the future.

Are there any industry leaders that have influenced you/mentored you? Who were they and how has their knowledge assisted you?

It would be difficult to come up with a list of people in this industry that have influenced me. I have been lucky to be able to build relationships with owners and employees at other distributors, our supplier base as well as from various industry organizations. All of those people have helped me to gain a better understanding of how this industry works and what it takes to be effective in any role that I am given.