Education Update

By Jason Kraus, GenNext HD Education Chair

The Educational committee is currently finalizing our next webinar to occur in March 2016. The session will take place on either Tuesday or Thursday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST.

In the interim, please take a moment to review the prior webinars that have taken place and are stored in the GenNext University portion of our website. This educational content is available on demand at:

  • Visiting
  • Click on the ‘GenNext University’ tab.
  • Enter the password MyFuture

Currently available are sessions that discuss customer service, leadership, management, personal empowerment, project management, and sales.

The Education Committee focuses on identifying and brining relevant topics forward for training and discussion purposes. The committee includes Jenna McGrath and Jay Urban. Jenna works for VIPAR Heavy Duty and has supported the webinars held in 2015. Jay works for Meritor and is just starting with the committee after asking how he could get more involved in supporting GenNext’s efforts for education of its members.

If you have any suggestions for future educational content or would like to get more involved with this committee please contact Jason Kraus (