Education Update

By Jason Kraus, GenNext HD Education Chair

Last month the Educational committee hosted a webinar led by Bill Wade of Wade & Partners titled “Margin-Killing Heavy Duty Pricing Myths.” We have received good feedback from those that participated live in the session on the relevance of the topic for our members.

If you have not viewed this webinar or others from the past, please remember they are available on-demand in the GenNext University portion of our website (Click the GenNext University tab and enter the password MyFuture). Other available session topics include customer service, leadership, management, personal empowerment, project management, and sales.

The committee is currently finalizing the remainder of the 2016 webinar schedule at this time, and you will receive an invitation of the next event a few weeks in advance.

Additionally the committee is exploring additional avenues for the education of our members, including increased utilization of discussion forums to allow for more frequent interaction within the group. The intent is to pose questions or articles to inspire thought-provoking dialogues that allow the membership to consider the immediate as well as future application of the topic at hand to our respective businesses.

If you have any suggestions for future educational content or would like to get more involved with this committee please contact Jay Urban (