Industry Update

Distributor Training Expo right around the corner


With the third annual GenNext and Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network (CVSN) Distributor Training Expo right around the corner, we have added the list of the supplier and distributor companies attending this year’s event to this website to allow attendees to begin planning for the event.

The list of supplier attendees is available HERE, while the distributor list can be found HERE. All 200 distributor attendee spots and 30 supplier sponsorships are sold out. This is the third consecutive year the event will be at full capacity. Additionally, we are allowing interested distributors to continue signing up for the event waiting list and note that if any confirmed distributor employees are unable to attend, open spots will be filled by those on the waiting list. Other waiting list distributors also will be given first opportunity for early registration for the 2019 event.

Finally, along with CVSN we are proud to announce this year’s event will feature not one but three vital sales training presentations by Jim Pancero. A National Speakers’ Hall of Famer, Pancero will bring his insightful and intelligent sales training to the event with a keynote address titled, ‘We need Arsonists … Not firefighters! Shifting from reactive supporters to proactive initiators.’ In describing the presentation, Pancero says “successful selling in today’s competitive markets is no longer founded on just servicing and supporting a customer. Learn how even experienced counter reps can sell more (and at higher margins) bringing your best customers new solutions and challenging the way your buyers have done business in the past.”

Pancero also will provide breakout sessions for counter people, and for supervisors, managers and owners. The counter-centric presentation, “Mastering the sales call – Selling skills for the parts counter professional,” will seek to provide attendees useful guidance to help control and lead a sales call. The leadership-focused presentation is titled ‘How to lead your sales team to a competitive advantage,” which Pancero says is designed to help business leaders learn the sales leadership “best practices” that can most impact your team’s market share and profitability.

For more information on the DTE, which is scheduled for April 20-22 in Atlanta, please click on the Events tab on this website.