Industry Update

Are you ready?

The time has come at least.

This week 150 distributor sales professionals will convene in Atlanta for our first annual Distributor Training Expo, co-sponsored by GenNext and the Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network (CVSN).

This event was more than a year in the making, and we at GenNext and CVSN are thrilled and excited to see everyone in Atlanta on Friday.

Why are we doing this?

Our goal is simple. GenNext wants to train the next generation of aftermarket leaders, but we don’t only want to train leaders. We believe it is the duty of the independent aftermarket to work together to learn, grow and improve our businesses.

And sales training is an important part of that.

We want to strengthen our industry, and we hope this weekend we can do so by training and educating your best salespeople.

“We’re extremely excited for the inaugural year of the GenNext/CVSN Distributor Training Expo,” says Steve Hansen, former GenNext president and event organizer, and director of corporate accounts at Minimizer. “We will have 150 distributor attendees, 14 key suppliers and HDA Truck Pride, VIPAR Heavy Duty, GenNext and CVSN on-hand.

“I have absolutely no doubt that each of the 150 distributor attendees will walk away from the event feeling better trained and equipped to sell more products.”

And that’s exactly what we’re hoping for. This week’s Distributor Training Expo is our first, but we’re optimistic it won’t be the last. We want to make this an annual event that suppliers and distributors alike are eager to attend.

And why wouldn’t they?

From a convenience perspective, there’s no option less time consuming (or affordable) for either side of the market.

Suppliers, in one weekend you could mobilize an entire sales force. Distributors, in two days you could send your best salespeople through a product training crash course with all of your biggest suppliers.

“This event will be great for everyone involved as well as the aftermarket as a whole,” Hansen says. “Suppliers will gain upwards of 150 well-trained ‘feet on the street’ salespeople to represent their product line to end-user customers. All of the training and meetings are included within the expo. I believe we’ll see the attendance grow from year-to-year as the aftermarket catches on to this proven training method.”

So enjoy the Expo everyone. We’ll see you in Atlanta on Friday!