Industry Update

Distributor Training Expo earns high marks yet again

The second annual GenNext HD and Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network (CVSN) Distributor Training Expo was held last weekend at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta.

After hosting 150 distributor attendees and 14 suppliers last year, we bumped our attendance to 175 distributors and 23 suppliers this year. The event began with a reception and dinner on Friday evening, and concluded with lunch on Sunday. In between, distributor attendees participated in seven hour-long training sessions with Gold-sponsor suppliers, six 30-minute sessions with select Silver suppliers, a training lunch with their respective buying group and one hour of exclusive access to the exhibit floor.

In Sunday’s post-event survey, 95 percent of attendees viewed the event as very satisfying (64 percent) or somewhat satisfying (31 percent), and 82 percent said they were very likely to recommend the event to colleagues. An even higher number, 87 percent, said they would attend again, with 12 percent saying “maybe” they would consider it, depending on various factors.

Individual aspects of the event were appreciated as well. The one-hour Gold training sessions posted an 89 percent approval rating (40 percent excellent, 49 percent good) and the 30-minute Silver trainings had a 90 score (33 excellent, 57 good). The trade show netted an 88 percent approval score (40 excellent, 48 good), with 73 percent of attendees claiming their time allowed on the floor was “just right.”

Overall, both suppliers (91 percent) and distributors (84 percent) said they would like to see more attendees in future years.