Industry Update

GenNext helps find the innovative distributor mindset

The big news in the GenNext world since our last newsletter was the first of two hour-long educational webinars with Dirk Beveridge. The first, “Finding Your Innovative Distributor Mindset,” was held on June 28. The second, “INNOVATE! How to Create Relevancy in the Age of Disruption,” is scheduled for Sept. 27, 2017.

In his first webinar, Beveridge addressed the importance of change and evolution in distributor operations. He said, “if we are going to create relevant, profitable and sustainable businesses, we must be innovative.”

He also listed eight key mindsets of innovative distributors. They were:

  • Energized and Optimistic
  • Intellectual
  • Think big
  • Challenger
  • Experimenter
  • Doer
  • Value Creator
  • Own the future

For more on each mindset, a written recap and directions for a copy of Beveridge’s presentation, please CLICK HERE.