Mentorship Update

GenNext busy bringing groups together

GenNext successfully hosted another Speed Mentoring event at the 2017 VIPAR Heavy Duty Annual Business Conference in October in Orlando. With growing participation in each event, we had 20 mentors and 30 mentees attend this round of mentoring.

Additionally, GenNext and the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA) will be bringing 20 Northwood University students to Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) 2018 in January.

For the first time, we opened the opportunity up to students outside the Automotive Aftermarket degree program. Our group consists of Automotive Aftermarket, Automotive Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Advertising and Business Management majors. Each student will be sponsored by a commercial vehicle supplier or distributor sponsor and spend the week assisting HDMA, HDAD and their sponsor with tasks throughout the event.

At the core of the internship is networking. Ten of our interns are returning students, five of which are returning for their third time. Thirteen of the 20 participants are seniors ready to enter the job market in May. With the internship program boasting a track record of 85+ percent job placement, we’re eager to help align opportunities for our interns during the week of HDAW. Special thanks to our sponsors who make this entire program possible.