Mentorship Update

Mentorship Program Kicks Off Inaugural Class


By Edward Kuo, GenNext HD Mentorship Chair 

One of the mantras of the GenNext group is to provide mentoring to members.  Beginning earlier this year at HDAW, GenNext launched its first class of mentor/protégé relationships with 15 matches.


“Based on some of our initial conversations, I already know that I’m going to learn a lot from my mentor,” said Nathan Settles, Weldon Truck Parts.  “While we are still getting to know each other, he has already provided me with a different perspective on the industry and how I can be successful in it.”


“My first meeting with my program partner lasted about an hour, and we got right into issues and real-life problems,” said Suzan Joyce, VIPAR.  “From the very beginning, it has been beneficial for both of us,” she added.


Because this is the first year of the program, GenNext is implementing a rolling match process.  That means once there are enough mentors and protégés signed up for the program, GenNext will process and create a second group of matches.  There is still time to sign up.   If you are interested, please sign up ASAP.


To sign up for this program, go to the GenNext Web site and fill out this form:  You have to be a member of GenNext to get matched, so you can pass this on to others in your organization (or in the industry).